Author: SpringJoy

The Agenda is Out and It’s Cool!

Published / by SpringJoy

Several months ago, we had a “call for speakers” and were overwhelmed by the number of people applying to speak… we even had people as far away as California and England asking to come speak! Well, needless to say we stood by our “local peeps helping local peeps” mentality on which the conference was founded. (We’ve got incredibly experienced bloggers and social media pros right here in Central Florida, thank you very much!)

So, be sure to take a look at the agenda to see all the incredible things being shared at this year’s conference by those incredibly experienced peeps.

And, we’re excited about more than just the agenda itself! You see, we’re attempting to be as green as possible, which means as paperless as possible, so this year’s agenda had to meet certain needs – digital and mobile!  We’re happy as pie that this year’s agenda totally has the cool factor as well as being that pretty shade of verde!

Personalize Your Day

Register as an attendee on the agenda site and you can not only peruse the sessions and speakers, but you can “star” the ones you definitely want to attend. Then, click the “My Sched” tab and you have your very own personalized day planned out.

Save it to Your Mobile Device

Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or iPad, you can save the CFLBlogCon agenda as an “app” and take it with you.

Connect With Your Friends

As more people start using the agenda, you will be able to see which session your friends are attending. How cool is that!? You can coordinate your day with lots of Facebook friends easily and effortlessly.

And What if I Don’t Have a Smart Device?

Play the Lottery this weekend and if you don’t win, just print your personalized schedule at home and bring it with you to the conference. It’s that easy. :)