Speaker Info

Thank you so much for volunteering your time and knowledge to make CFLBlogCon successful.

Speaker Deadlines

As a follow-up to the emails you may be receiving, please follow the deadlines posted below. This will ensure a seemless and professional conference experience for everyone.

  • May 15 – bio, photo, session description to Katy Widrick
  • June/July – Bess Auer will be contacting you for addition information to go in the Official Conference Guidebook
  • September 1 – final presentation slides to Katy Widrick. Please save in PDF form (Feel free to build it on any program you like, but we’re collecting PDFs, so please keep this in mind when building transitions, etc.)
  • September 15 – See you at the Orlando Science Center for the conference!

What to Bring

As a speaker, please remember to bring the following to make sure your talk goes off without a hitch!

  • Presentation Device – We will provide a computer and projector for each presentation room. This is why we are asking for your presentation by September 1st so we can pre-load and be prepared for you. Please use either PowerPoint for PC or Keynote for Mac, or provide a PDF copy. If for some reason you cannot get us your presentation, please be prepared with your own computer by reviewing the points below.
  • Power Cable – You wouldn’t want your computer to shut down during the middle of your presentation, would you? Be sure you bring your power cable.
  • Dongle (for mac users) – Yep, that’s the technical term. The projector in the room has a VGA cable that connects to the VGA port on a PC. But if you’re running on a mac, you’ll need an adapter that the VGA cable connects to. Available at your local Apple Store. Oh, and if you’re planning on being all Steve Jobs-like and presenting on your iPad or iPhone, they make dongles for them too.
  • Slide Remote – Unless you’d rather click the enter/return key on your laptop, you’ll need a slide remote to advance your slides. They make apps for that!
  • Presentation Back-Up – In addition to sending us your PDF, or bringing your own computer, we suggest having your presentation saved on a USB drive just in case your computer goes kaput. We trust that a fellow attendee will lend you their computer so you can be back in action!

Hand Outs

  • We’re Paperless!– We are looking to be as “green” as possible at this year’s CFLBlogCon. Keeping that in mind, we encourage all hand outs to be “handed out” digitally, meaning attendees will download your presentation, therefore eliminating wasting paper. To do this, we are excited to be supporting an new Orlando start up tech company Doccaster, a free and easy way to upload and then distribute your hand outs. Please visit Doccaster and create your free account. Expect, on average, 50-100 participants in your session.
  • Bring a Few Paper Hand Outs– While our goal is to be entirely paperless, we are aware there may be a few attendees who do not yet have a “smart phone,” iPad, or laptop to bring with them, so please do bring a few paper hand outs to accommodate those attendees. We recommend around 20 paper hand outs.

Speaking Tips

  • Arrive to Your Room Early – Please arrive to your room in advance so you can set-up your presentation. Most presenters will only have 10 minutes (the scheduled travel time) to put everything together.
  • End on-time – Please be considerate of the next presenter in your room and end on-time.
  • Rehearse Ahead of Time – Cramming the night before isn’t fun for you, or the attendees. This is your moment to share your knowledge (and brand), so please rehearse ahead of time so you know what you will say.

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