What Have You Implemented?

Published / by SpringJoy

As I was changing up this website and gearing it more to a review of CFLBlogCon 2011 as well as a preview of CFLBlogCon 2012, I spent a great deal of time reading through the many recaps from the bloggers who attended. I love what they had to say and it appears most found some very valuable information about maintaining and then marketing their blogs.

Many listed that they were excited to try adding video to their blogs or going to create a Facebook fan page, which are all great ideas. Hopefully you found yourself equipped to do so after attending CFLBlogCon!

So, I want to know:  What changes have you implemented since CFLBlogCon?

What has worked? What do you still need to do? Do you need help continuing what you started? Leave a comment below to share how CFLBlogCon helped improve your blog or the marketing of it.

Trey Pennington: Lessons Learned

Published / by SpringJoy

Trey Pennington.

A whole lot of people knew his name. He had over 110,000 followers on Twitter. He was known throughout the social media world, and he taught many of us how to leverage social media for the better.

He left perhaps the most profound lesson for the end.

Trey tweeted this the morning he committed suicide:

I did not know Trey and don’t pretend to have any insight into the demons that plagued him. However, I do consider his actions with pause for thought. Online followers can’t replace inlife friends. I make a huge distinction between online and inlife. These tweeps we tweet back and forth with and feel we know, don’t actually know the real us. What is that new “old saying”?

“Facebook’s where we lie to our friends & Twitter’s where we’re brutally honest to strangers.”


I’m not saying you don’t develop some really wonderful relationships via Twitter, Facebook, or any social media site, but don’t ever forget to cultivate your “inlife” friends, too.

Trey Pennington, whatever your demons, I send positive thoughts and prayers to your friends and family. I respect all you had to offer in life and hope you at last found solace.

Rest in peace.