Recap of CFLBlogCon 2011

Published / by SpringJoy

I feel like my birthday came early this year… the clouds are light and fluffy under my feet. That’s because I just finished up with my baby, the first ever Central Florida Blogger Conference. (Also known as CFLBlogCon.)

You know that rare feeling when everything goes absolutely right? No loose ends fell through the crack, timing is perfect, and dependable people do what they do best by helping out? Well, that was my day! Thankfully!

For those not in the know, CFLBlogCon was the coming together of some of the biggest bloggers and social media enthusiasts in Central Florida at Park Maitland School. It all started with a small idea of mine…while I love blogging, I am by no means an expert, so I thought, why not learn from the best and brightest – which we happen to have right here locally! So, I got busy asking some much bigger brains than mine what they thought about it. Bloggers like Katy Widrick, Meghann Anderson, J, and Rachelle Lucas (and others) were eager to share their thoughts on what would make a great conference, and voila! an agenda began to take form.

I then started asking those bloggers and techie people whom I respect greatly if they would be interested in speaking. 99% jumped at the chance, realizing this could be something special that we would all benefit from… networking is networking, right? So, the speakers began to fall into place… and I am so thankful to each and every one of them:

And, then I started discussing this conference day with others and I had some very exciting extras to add on:

Big Wheel Provisions provided perhaps the best lunch experience anywhere in Orlando whileJosh Murdock documented the event with his awesome photography.

And, Orlando Live Streaming wanted to stream some sessions and IzonOrlando record parts of the conference and we even had artist Thomas Thorspecken show up to sketch it! Talk about being in the BIG TIME! And did I mention uber host Peter Murphy manned the mic during our final Q&A session?

I am so thankful to those peeps who had a hand in planning the day as well as helping to carry it out flawlessly. I am humbled by the number of bloggers that gave up their Saturdays to join the fun – even those few crashers who I have yet to track down… yes, I know who you are! Haha!


Be sure you are a fan of the official Central Florida Blogger Conference page, and let’s continue to post relevant information, photos, and links of interest. No spamming, please! It should be a valuable resource for attendees!

21 Questions

If you attended, please help me analyze this year’s conference and then plan for next year’s byfilling out a short anonymous survey. There are 2 pages and 21 questions and should only take a few moments to do. Remember to answer all 21 questions!


Thanks to Josh Murdock, CFLBlogCon’s unofficial (but now official) photographer, we have some great shots from the day. I have also uploaded the twitpics from your tweets throughout the day. Feel free to add your photos as well!


Once I have a clip from IzonOrlando (interviews and all) I will post the link on the Facebook page. Also, once Orlando Live has the recorded sessions ready to view, I will let you know that, too. This way you can see any sessions you may have missed.

Otherwise, thank you for making my day so wonderful! I appreciate each and every one of you and consider all of you my new friends. Let’s stay in touch and continue to grow the strength of the Central Florida blogger community!

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